Since 1664 – 23-24 May 2015

Welcome to “Since 1664″  2015.  Last year was a unique Yomp, the Royal Marines’ 350th Birthday and a Yomp to celebrate, so the South Downs Way (SDW) was extended to exactly 166.4KM, while raising money for the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.  This year, we are merely doing the 100 miles (some claim 103) from the official start to finish of the SDW.  Every serving or veteran Royal Marines Commando who has undertaken this Yomp has stated words to the effect that it was every bit as challenging as any of the Commando Tests.  Be under no illusion; it is an huge physical challenge, but it is an even more immense mental test.  One foot in front of the other for about 36 hours.  Throughout the challenge, you will just need to Yomp 3 miles in the next hour.  Well anyone can do that, the challenge is can you do it having done it 31, 32, or 33 times previously? Completing this challenge is something you should rightly be proud of.

Taking place over the late Whitsun weekend of 23/24 May 2015 the Yomp will test the physical and in particular the mental endurance of the toughest Yompers – 90% of this challenge is in the head.

So, if last year was a unique Yomp in the history of Royal Marines Yomps undertaken Since 1664, as it was, too many people have asked to take part in the coming year(s) for us not to commit tot he next three years!  However, whilst the event will remain a Royal Marines Charity focused event, we felt that outside of a “memorable date” we needed to open it up to other charities to really do it justice.  To that extent we have selected a number of relevant charities for whom you can raise funds, subject to them agreeing of course!  If your preferred charity is not on the list, then please get in touch – get them to get in touch and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Are you tough enough?

Appropriate medical cover will be provided and there will be comprehensive marshal support as well as a team of elite masseurs provided by New Forest Sports Massage and Petersfield Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic to ease your aches and pains. There will be four scran stations en route, plus scran at the finish and a further four nutty and wets points.  On completion transport back the start for those who need it.  The only thing you need to think about is the next mile… 103 times! In fact the mantra is that at no stage will you need to Yomp more than 3 miles in the next hour and surely anyone can walk 3 miles in the next hour?

So if you decide you are tough enough…..

Follow the links to sign up, if you’re not quite Kings Squad ready please see what you can do to help, if you are feeling philanthropic look for the corporate sponsor opportunities, or simply sponsor one of the team members.


* Whilst we have been persuaded to run the event again, it will never again be part of RM 350!